What are the biggest blunders people make on resumes?

  • Lack of Focus: Be sure to start your resume with a clear objective or a summary statement. This gives you a roadmap for writing the resume and the employer a roadmap for reading it. 
  • Poor Organization: Define a logical principle that supports the structure of your resume and carry this theme throughout. Be consistent with use of highlighting such as bolding, italicizing, and underlining.
  • Dull Responsibilities: Would you be interested in somebody’s basic job descriptions if you had 100 resumes in a pile? Probably not. You can avoid this blunder by listing accomplishments and developing measurable Action-Benefit statements that demonstrate your ability to achieve results. 
  • Spelling and Grammatical Errors: Even one error could land your resume in the reject pile. Make sure you proofread. Proofread and have someone else proofread your resume before you submit it to an employer.
  • Unconventional Formats or Styles: In an attempt to be different, variations from conventional format can be construed as too creative or abnormal. Instead, ensure that your accomplishments and unique talents make you stand out. You’re better off using a conventional format and addressing your skill set to the business needs of your prospective employer.


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